Air Conditioning

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The Yucaipa CA, Redlands CA and Inland Empire area can be hot most of the year.  So, a properly working air conditioning unit is a must have in any home, office, or business.  RDL specializes in residential and large commercial air conditioning units.   RDL can help you identify any issues with your air conditioning the moment you realize it is not working properly.


Servicing air conditioning units is RDL’s specialty no matter what manufacturer or age of the unit.  Service to your air conditioning and maintenance of the unit is important in order to avoid major problems that are not cheap. A properly maintained air conditioning unit also keeps utility costs down and everyone in the home or office comfortable.


If an air conditioning unit needs to be replaced, we can manage and install the whole project for you from start to finish.  We sell Tempstar by Carrier a very trusted model and manufacturer of HVAC units. If an air conditioning unit is running too long, or too loud you can trust RDL to tell you why this is happening and make recommendations.  If the air conditioner is no longer cooling or you may think it is not working as well as it used to, give us a call to figure out why this is happening.


Air conditioning problems to consider can include any of the following: Frozen coils, exterior fan is old and not working, blower issues, system cycle frequency, fluid leaks, condensation problems, or a malfunctioning thermostat.  These are complex issues that should be cared for by an expert especially with considering safety and mechanical reasons.


Key things to remember when it comes to your home or business air conditioner is comfort and energy efficiency. If any of these are not working for you give us a call to advise you on any HVAC issues you may be experiencing.